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Corrida - First part


An arena just outside Lisbona, in Portugal. It is not "le cinqo de la tarde" but it is nearly five o'clock. A corrida with young bullocks for tourists: one out of the many shows that are usually organized during international seminars and lectures. I am nineteen years old and I arrived here with my father, who is in Portugal for business. At the center of the arena several local young people enjoy to play with few bullocks. Well, young but not really calves. They are all equipped with a beautiful pair of long fairly pointed horns. And even if the trick is that the bullock is inexperienced, I can assure you that those beasts compensated that handicap by seriously applying to the task. Which one? To try to gore those crazy guys who turned and ran about, obviously.

In short, at a certain moment I gave the camera to my father telling him "Take it", and I jumped into the arena before he could grab me. The reportage of the event can be seen in the photos I published here. I can assure you that my father is usually better to take pictures than you can judge from the results. The problem was that he was a little bit nervous. What's about me? Well, I was lucky since in that period I had started to practise Aikido. In fact, I thought that Portuguese bulls are attracted by the red cape like the Spanish ones. Only later on they told me that in Portugal bulls aim to the man. Anyway, I did three good dodges and I gained three olè from the public.

Do it again? I do not think so!

Corrida - Second part

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