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I assigned two status indicators to each page, one for the English version [ENG] and one for the Italian one [ITA]. I used a text rather than an image to improve loading performances. The colour of each indicator represents the page implementation status according to the following scheme:

[ABC]   Final version, not frequently updated
[ABC]   Final version, periodically updated
[ABC]   Draft, under construction
[ABC]   Empty, not yet implemented
[ABC]   Not available, not planned

Furthermore, there are few pages of graphic arts and photography that are rated at level 2 of nudity according to RSACi classification scheme. In Italy this level is acceptable also for children, but it might not be true in your country, or it may be in contrast with your cultural or religious believes. If this is the case, do not open those pages that are marked by X2 hereinafter.

English pages   [ENG] [ITA]

References and awards   [ENG] [ITA]

Technical information   [ENG] [ITA]

Search Page   [ENG] [ITA]

Rating of pages   [ENG] [ITA]

People   [ENG] [ITA]
Me   [ENG] [ITA]
Family   [ENG] [ITA]
Friends   [ENG] [ITA]
Aid them!   [ENG] [ITA]
History   [ENG] [ITA]
Genealogy   [ENG] [ITA]
Italian Heraldry   [ENG] [ITA]
Science   [ENG] [ITA]
Logic   [ENG] [ITA]
Mathematics   [ENG] [ITA]
Principles   [ENG] [ITA]
Fractals   [ENG] [ITA]
Duodecimal numbers   [ENG] [ITA]
Computer Science   [ENG] [ITA]
Programming   [ENG] [ITA]
Web Sites   [ENG] [ITA]
Samples   [ENG] [ITA]
Java   [ENG] [ITA]
Applications   [ENG] [ITA]
Applets   [ENG] [ITA]
Source code   [ENG] [ITA]
JavaScript samples   [ENG] [ITA]
Rexx   [ENG] [ITA]
Reuse   [ENG] [ITA]
Programs   [ENG] [ITA]
Program "Dizionario"   [ENG] [ITA]
Free Resources   [ENG] [ITA]
Patents   [ENG] [ITA]
Articles and books   [ENG] [ITA]
English-Italian Dictionary   [ENG] [ITA]
Physics   [ENG] [ITA]
Curriculum   [ENG] [ITA]
Experiments   [ENG] [ITA]
Publications   [ENG] [ITA]
Graduation Thesis   [ENG] [ITA]
Astronomy   [ENG] [ITA]
Psychology   [ENG] [ITA]

Arts   [ENG] [ITA]
Photography   [ENG] [ITA]
Personal gallery   [ENG] [ITA]
Preface   [ENG] [ITA]
Photo Gallery   [ENG] [ITA] X2
Other photographers   [ENG] [ITA] X2
Graphic Arts   [ENG] [ITA]
Resources   [ENG] [ITA]
Freehand   [ENG] [ITA]
Compositions   [ENG] [ITA]
Image Processing   [ENG] [ITA] X2
Special effects   [ENG] [ITA]
Music   [ENG] [ITA]
Italian music   [ENG] [ITA]
Foreign music   [ENG] [ITA]
Movies   [ENG] [ITA]
Literature   [ENG] [ITA]
Poetry   [ENG] [ITA]
Tales   [ENG] [ITA]
Songs   [ENG] [ITA]
Science Fiction   [ENG] [ITA]
Fantasy   [ENG] [ITA]
Comic Strips   [ENG] [ITA]
Free Time   [ENG] [ITA]
Sports   [ENG] [ITA]
Martial Arts   [ENG] [ITA]
Kung Fu   [ENG] [ITA]
Karate   [ENG] [ITA]
Aikido   [ENG] [ITA]
Archery   [ENG] [ITA]
Windsurf   [ENG] [ITA]
Other sports   [ENG] [ITA]
Relaxing   [ENG] [ITA]
Demanding   [ENG] [ITA]
Adventurous   [ENG] [ITA]
You say   [ENG] [ITA]
Tours   [ENG] [ITA]
Games   [ENG] [ITA]
Role Play Games   [ENG] [ITA]
Uno Sguardo nel Buio   [ENG] [ITA]
The Company of the Impossibles   [ENG] [ITA]
Behind the Glance   [ENG] [ITA]
Board Games   [ENG] [ITA]
Cuisine   [ENG] [ITA]

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