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Nude of level 2

WARNING: few pages of this section contain images that are rated at level 2 of nudity according to RSACi classification scheme. In Italy this level is acceptable also for children, but it might not be true in your country, or it may be in contrast with your cultural or religious believes. If this is the case, do not open those pages that are marked by X2 close to the author name.

Darek Banasik X2
Pat Bates
Michael Eastman
Ken Elliott
Ed Eng
Terry Falke
Philip Greenspun
Michael Johnson
Michael Kenna
Giuseppe Merlina X2
Steve and Carol Shelden
Pete Turner


I thought to add to my pages also a selection of some pictures of my favorite photographers. However, copyright laws requires that you must have the written permission of the author to publish his/her photographs. It is a pity but it is correct. This is true even if you wish to publish them on your personal site for non commercial purposes and if you acknowledge the author of images. It would not be a real problem but for one reason: in most cases I only know the name of the photographer and I have no idea how to contact him/her.

So I decided to do something completely different. While surfing in the Web for any reasons, I noted down all the names and addresses of those authors whose pictures impressed me. So I selected a number of photographers and I asked them by e-mail if I could publish some photos of theirs. Apart few cases, I got enthusiastic replies.

Please, note that I resized all images. They are not really thumb snails, but they are not either full size. I did that on purpose since this is just a gallery overview. If you wish to see the original full size images, you have to go to the pages whose link is available below pictures. Attention, please: it is quite common in Internet that a link becomes obsolete in few months. So, if you cannot get the referenced pages, use the author's name for a search by any search engine, as for example Altavista or Yahoo.


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