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Some history

I photograph since I was a kid. My first camera was a Petri reflex with an external exposure meter and manual close of diaphragm. At the beginning I took only black and white pictures, developing negatives in my parent's bathroom. When I left home to go to the University I moved to color slides, since I had no more a place where I could develop pictures on my own. My father had given his Miranda DX3 to me, really a good and interesting camera. It was a pity that the maker went bankrupt for reasons not related to product quality. So I moved to Pentax.


Therefore my third reflex camera was an Asahi Pentax ME Super, really a treat. I took "her" all around the world in the last twenty years. Unfortunately, some time ago it broke in such a way that it was not possible to repair it anymore. So I purchased the body of a Pentax MZ-5, to reuse all my lens.

Pentax MZ-5

My current equipment

MZ-5 is a nice camera, even if I still miss my old ME Super. There are some new functions that my old camera had not, but I do not like very much the system used for the manual focus. The real problem is that most of modern cameras is based on auto focus and every possible kind of automatic mechanisms, and this approach sometimes penalizes the quality of manual functions even when still available.

Anyway, currently I use the MZ-5 with both original and Tamron Series SP lens. In this section I published selection of my works, grouped by categories.

Few words on the images

All pictures have been first loaded on a Photo-CD and later on resampled to 244×163 pixels and saved as JPEG images, with a low compression rate to guarantee in any case a good image quality. I did no image processing at all, apart some luminance and contrast corrections to compensate the medium quality scanning of photos made by the photographic lab that produced the CD-ROM.

Nevertheless the JPEG images are a little bit too dark and too little sharp with respect the original pictures.


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