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You can use this applet to perform searches on my pages. Be aware that there are more than 300 pages in my site, so it may take a while to perform a search. On the other hand, if you are looking for some specific information, this is the fastest way to get it. Please, note that this is not an Internet search engine: you are going to scan my pages only, not the whole web.

Enter a keyword and press "SEARCH" to start scanning my pages. You can stop the search in any moment by "STOP" button. You can also tear off the applet window to make it floating. When finished, you can double click on page references to open the corresponding page.

Search Applet

This applet is a search engine for Web site contents. It was developd by Robert Charles Leah, who designed one of the best Java-oriented sites that I have ever seen on the Web: Bob on the Web. I wish to thank Robert for authorizing me to use his applet. This applet requires no CGI or Web Server "assistance". A complete, fast, and powerful client search engine for large or small websites.

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