HomeSite 2.5

HomeSite is really an excellent product for whoever is programming by HTML and wishes to maintain the maximum control on the developed code, looking however for a powerful tool to improve his/her own productivity.

CorelDraw 7

CorelDraw is my favorite graphics suite. Since version 3 I used CorelDraw for both drawing vectorial images and for image processing of bit maps. Now I use version 7 which contains a very powerful 3D program too.

Paint Shop Pro

Really a great product supporting a significant number of graphical formats, either bit maps and vector images. It has a lot of functions and allows to take advantage of plug-in filters.


A really good image viewer featuring a very fast thumb snail display without storing permanent files on your disk. It supports a large number of bit map formats.

Super NoteTab

The best Notepad Replacer I ever used, and also the most powerful freeware product in the Net, in my opinion. This is really a must for your system.