Between 1988 and 1992 I wrote more than forthy articles about Amiga, mostly on C programming. At that time, AmigaOS was the only really multitasking operating system available for personal computers. Amiga was and still is a little jewel for both the harware and software architecture. It is really a pity it experienced a series of misadventures ties to the very bad management of the system from a commercial point of view. Well, does not matter.

After a period of few years in which I stopped writing for personal reasons, in 1996 I decided to start writing again and I published a series of technical articles dealing with TCP/IP and all the various protocols used in Internet. In addition to those article, I am now writing also a series of articles deling with Java programming.

Note: even if I published hereinafter the list of articles in English, all articles are available in Italian only, since both magazines are Italian ones only. MC microcomputer and Internet News are two amongs the most popular original computer magazines in Italy. By original, I mean that they are not translation of American magazines.